• Doing Your Business Could Help Change Lives

    Want to be paid for donating your stool? Apply for the GoodNature™ stool donation program and join us in the fight against serious diseases, such as recurrent C. difficile.
  • Support Scientific Research

    The purpose of this program is to collect and study stool samples with hopes of using them to develop treatments for serious diseases.
  • Explore the Possibilities of Your Microbiome

    You can't see them with the naked eye but your microbes could help make a difference in the lives of those with serious diseases.

How to Become a Stool Donor

See If You’re Eligible

Start by answering a few demographic and health questions. If you’re eligible, you’ll then be able to book a phone screen.
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Complete a Phone Screen

Select a time for a phone screen and a GoodNature Specialist will further assess your eligibility for the program. Phone screens are available between 9a ET/6a PT - 8p ET/5p PT.
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Provide Stool Samples

If you pass the phone screen, we will collect a few initial stool samples at your local donation center to see if your stool contains the microbes we seek.
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Become a Daily Donor

Once approved, you’re eligible to become a stool donor! Stop by your donation center up to six days a week and get paid for your time.
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Donor Process Video

Learn about the commitment and lifestyle choices of our most consistent stool donors. Reviewing what it takes to remain a daily donor will help you determine if stool donation is right for you.

Why Donate?

Nearly 70 million Americans are affected by digestive disorders every year. null Help us make a difference by donating your stool for potential use in an orally administered microbiome therapeutic or for research and development.

Digestive Diseases Statistics for the United States. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Get Paid To Poop

Get paid for your time in the GoodNature program. Donors can earn up to $1,500* a month.
*Compensation may vary by donation center location.

Contribute to Science

Join us as we pursue development of potentially novel treatments known as microbiome therapeutics.

Potentially Help Patients

Your donation could be used to help patients suffering from serious diseases, such as recurrent C. difficile.
Are You Eligible?

Hear From Our Donors

Hear from past and current GoodNature stool donors.

“It’s amazing to know something so simple and natural, that would normally go to waste, can be helpful to people.”



( Female, 37 )

“An awesome opportunity to make some extra cash and potentially contribute to a good cause.”



( Male, 41 )

“The staff was extremely pleasant. We were all immediately united in our common goal of helping people with C. diff.”



( Male, 27 )

The Donor’s Digest

Explore the latest GoodNature happenings and browse educational resources.
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