• Welcome to GoodNature Tempe

    Located less than a mile from Arizona State University, our Tempe stool donation center is one of two unique communities in the US.

    Join the movement by donating your microbiome's good bacteria to potentially help people with serious diseases.

Help Us Make a Difference

Do some good and get paid in the process.

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Get Paid to Poop

Earn some cash in return for your participation in the program. Donors can earn up to $1,500 a month.
*Compensation may vary by donation center location.

Contribute to Science

Join us as we pursue development of potentially novel treatments known as microbiome therapeutics.

Potentially Help Patients

Your donation could be used to help patients suffering from serious diseases, such as recurrent C. difficile.
Learn if You Are Eligible to Donate Stool

Our Tempe Location

GoodNature’s Stool Donation Tempe Center

Do you live or work within 20 minutes? Eligible donors visit 4-6 times weekly for 6 months or more. Map your location!

725 S Rural Rd
Suite 207
Tempe, AZ 85288
(520) 428-5644
Mon - Fri: 6am - 1pm MT
Sat: 6am - 11am MT

See If You’re Nearby
Hon Ng
Site Manager

Join Our Tempe Community

Discover the ways you can get involved with our Tempe donor community.

Become a Donor

Read about stool donor eligibility to see if you qualify for daily stool donation.
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Research & Development

Discover research and development opportunities beyond daily donation.
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Referral Program

Help us spread the word and find new donors by joining our referral program.
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Donor Testimonials

Hear from past and current GoodNature stool donors.

“It’s amazing to know something so simple and natural, that would normally go to waste, can be helpful to people.”



( Female, 37 )

“An awesome opportunity to make some extra cash and potentially contribute to a good cause.”



( Male, 41 )

“The staff was extremely pleasant. We were all immediately united in our common goal of helping people with C. diff.”



( Male, 27 )

GoodNature Events

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