Research & Development

Our research continues—which means we need stool donations for ongoing research and development (R&D) projects exploring new disease state treatments.
In comparison to our daily stool donation program, R&D studies may only require a few donations. If you have less time, live too far, or have been discontinued from daily donation, research and development could be for you!
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Why Participate in R&D?

We are looking at a variety of conditions that can potentially be treated by investigational microbiome therapies. Join us as we seek to further understand microbes and how they may relate to human health.

You can learn more about Seres Therapeutics and the research and development pipeline here.

Current R&D Studies

We are currently seeking stool samples from patients with the following conditions:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease, including Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease

We are seeking people experiencing any of the following symptoms: abdominal pain/discomfort; Blood or pus in stool; Frequent, recurring diarrhea (loose watery stools more than 3 times in 1 day) and more.


We are seeking people on thyroid replacement therapy.

Depression (Major Depressive Disorder)

We are seeking patients who have an active diagnosis. Treatment with pharmaceuticals and/or psychological therapy are optional.

Anxiety (General Anxiety Disorder)

We are seeking patients who have an active diagnosis. Treatment with pharmaceuticals and/or psychological therapy are optional.

Colorectal Cancer

You may be asked to confirm your diagnosis with documentation. Individuals that do not meet all the enrollment criteria will not be permitted to participate in the studies.
All conditions must have been diagnosed by a physician. 
To be considered for this study donors must NOT have:
  • Taken antibiotics in the last 30 days
  • Received a Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT)
  • Had major GI surgery within the past 2 months
  • Contracted C. diff infection within the past 3 months
  • Have a known active malignancy (cancer)

What’s Involved?

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for research and development.

Initial Interest

You will receive an email describing the R&D opportunity and requesting that you express interest via an online form.

Determine Eligibility

Upon receipt of your interest, we will send you an online consent form and survey to determine eligibility for the study. You will receive a donor ID number once you complete the form to ensure anonymity.

Make Your Donation

If eligible, some studies may offer you the option to use a stool collection kit with a prepaid return shipping label so that you can make your donation at home. Other studies may require a stool donation at a GoodNature™ center.

Get Paid

You will be compensated for your participation once we receive your stool donation.


What is the purpose of research and development?

R&D studies may support exploration of new disease state treatments or may help us better understand our donor exclusion criteria and what makes for a good donor. Our scientists use stool donations from people with specific conditions. Sometimes, we also seek healthy donor stool for comparison purposes. Some studies will require stool donation only, while others may require urine and/or blood samples as well.

Who is Seres Therapeutics?

Seres Therapeutics is a commercial biotechnology company with a strong development pipeline and rigorous scientific underpinning, working to revolutionize the treatment of a wide range of diseases by modulating the function of the human microbiome.

Who can participate in research and development?

If you live too far from a donation center, have been discontinued from the daily donation program, or can’t make the time commitment for daily donation, we hope you’ll consider being an R&D donor. If you participate in R&D first, you are not eligible to participate in our daily stool donation program. Additionally, R&D donors typically must have specific conditions we are seeking to study. These opportunities are completely voluntary and confidential.

Will I get paid to participate in R&D opportunities?

We are extremely grateful for all of our donors and their time. Just like with our daily stool donation program, R&D donors will also be compensated for their time. Since R&D typically requires less donations, you do have greater earning potential with the daily donation program.

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